Electronic trading platforms have transformed the world’s securities market structures. Two Sigma Securities is dedicated to understanding market microstructure, executing trades, and making markets more efficient by way of systematic precision and scientific rigor.

Founded in 2009, Two Sigma Securities, a broker-dealer affiliated with Two Sigma Investments, is registered with the SEC, a member of the major U.S. equity exchanges, and a market maker in over 8,000 securities. Two Sigma Securities seeks to facilitate high-quality execution for its clients by applying systematic precision and scientific rigor. Our disciplined, process-driven approach harnesses technical engineering, risk management, and execution measurement to enable us to be a leader in the wholesale market making space.

At Two Sigma Securities, we have made it our mission to identify our clients’ expectations and to strive to exceed them.

To access SEC 605 and 606 statistics, please click here. Two Sigma Securities, LLC is a member of FINRA and SIPC.